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On The Road | The Great Library Roadshow

28 Feb. 2012 Posted by lisa in libshow

The Great Library Roadshow

Coming Soon: The Great Library Roadshow!

Excited to announce this next project, organized by Josh HadroOCLC, and Library Journal! I'm hitting the road with Josh, and Patrick Sweeney, to talk libraries, innovation, inspiration, and community all the way from Charlotte, NC to Philadelphia, PA and PLA 2012.

From Josh: 

"With this Library Roadshow — we’re aiming to illuminate how innovation and community intersect. We hear all the time about forward-looking services, brilliant apps and platforms contributed to by coders and librarians all over, and digital labs at branches and campuses everywhere that connect users with technology generally beyond the reach of average homes and classrooms. We’re going to visit some of the places making those ideas happen."

Join us on FB: The Great Library Roadshow & on Twitter: @lisacarlucci, @hadro, @pcsweeney.

They may have only invited me to be the designated driver. But, whatever. We're on a mission.