Selected presentations listed below. Slideshows available to view on SlideShare.


  • “Creating a Culture of Innovation.” Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA.

  • “The Next 50 Years - Libraries of the Future.” Keynote Speaker. Tri-State College Library Cooperative (TCLC), Philadelphia, PA.

2016 – 2015

  • [hiatus]


  • “Lead Your Career: Libraries, Technology, & Leadership.” LITA National Forum, Albuquerque, NM.

  • “Our Values, Our Selves.” RUSA President’s Program, ALA Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

  • “The Internet of Things: Coming Soon to Everywhere.” Program Consultant and Moderator. OCLC Symposium. ALA Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

  • “Dynamic Duos, Innovative Teams.” Keynote. ILLiad International Conference, Virginia Beach, VA.


  • “Innovation and Librarians.” 49th Library Week Conference, National Library of Turkey, Ankara, Turkey.

  • “Best Practices for Social Media Marketing in Libraries.” SXSW 2013 @ ER&L #ideadrop house, Austin, TX.


  • “Designing the Imperative: Transformative Culture.” ACRL-NY Annual Conference, Baruch College, New York, NY.

  •  “Transformative Culture and the Power of YES.” Ohio Library Council, Widen the Lens Conference, Columbus, OH.

  • “What Do Your Students, Faculty, & Researchers Want Most?” With S. Polanka. Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC.

  • “It’s All About Connections: Utilizing Webinars to Enhance Education.” Panelist. Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC.

  • “Academic Library Patron Profiles.” Presentation & Panelist. American Library Association of Ohio, Wilmington, OH.

  • “Designing the Imperative: Libraries & Innovation.” New Jersey Library Association Conference, Atlantic City, NJ. 

  • “Made in a Library.” OCLC/Library Journal Innovation Symposium.

  • “Changing Role of Systems Librarians.” Presentation & Panelist. Computers in Libraries, Washington, DC 

  • “Meet the Power Patron: Insights from Patron Profiles.” Panelist [webinar]. Library Journal.

  • “Designing the Imperative: Libraries, Technology & Leadership.” University of Missouri, Library & Information Science Graduate Student Association, Columbia, MO.

  • “Talk about: Ebooks, Users, & Library Workflow.” Presentation & Panelist. Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA.


  • “Gone Mobile?” Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA.

  • “Creating a Mobile Library Website.” Program Consultant & Instructor. With E. Iglesias & W. Meesangnil. MO State Library Technology Institute, Columbia, MO.     

  •  “you + me + social media = we.” Guest Lecture (Social Networking in Libraries). iSchool Summer Institute, Syracuse University.

  • “Cadillac Leadership.” Keynote. Emerging Leaders Summit. ALA Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

  • “ebooks: Collections at the Crossroads.” Program Consultant. Connecticut Library Consortium Trendspotting, Darien, CT.

  • “Play, Learn, Innovate.” OCLC/Library Journal Innovation Symposium.

  • “The Style of the Virtual Conference.” The Art of Presenting & Proposal Writing [workshop]. ACRL Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

  • “Capturing Attention: Design Tips.” Computers in Libraries Conference, Washington, DC.

  • “Personal Branding for New Librarians.” Panelist. ACRL New Members Discussion Group. ALA Midwinter Conference, San Diego, CA.


  • “The Ethics of Innovation.” Moderator. OCLC/Library Journal Innovation Symposium.

  • “Ebooks: Access and Technology.” E-Everything: Putting It All Together [preconference]. Charleston Conference, Charleston, SC.

  •  “Think Mobile: Ebook Collections.” With H. Tomren. Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA.

  • “The Why Report: Tech Themes for Tech Services.” With H. Tomren. LITA National Forum, Atlanta, GA.

  • “Risk, Reality, & the Mobile Revolution.” Keynote. Handheld Librarian Online Conference [virtual conference].

  • “Starting Out? Start With You: What Every New Librarian Needs to Know.” With K. Sobel. ALA Annual Conference, Washington, DC.

  • “A Map to Mobile E-Book Collections.” Poster. With H.Tomren. ALA Annual Conference, Washington, DC.

  • ALA Battledecks. ALA Annual Conference, Washington, DC.

  • “Cloudkeeping: Metadata in Mobile/Social Environments.” Keynote. Colorado Association of Libraries, Technical Services & Automation Division, Spring Meeting.

  • “The Future is Mobile.” Panelist. OCLC/Library Journal Innovation Symposium.

  • “Gen X Librarians: Leading From the Middle.” With N. McHale and K. Sobel. Computers in Libraries Conference, Arlington, VA.

  • “Mobile Rx: A Prescription For Mobile Leadership.” Handheld Librarian Online Conference [virtual conference].

  • “The Mobile Present.” RUSA-MARS Virtual Reference Discussion Group. ALA Midwinter Conference, Boston, MA.


  • “One Million Mobile.” Event: Mobile Devices in the Yale University Library. Yale University, New Haven, CT.

  • “Internet Librarian Recap @ METRO.” Metropolitan New York Library Council, New York, NY.

  • “How Mobile Changed My Life…And Will Change Yours, Too.” Event: Innovation in Libraries: Mobile, Real-Time Librarians. Queens Library, New York, NY.         

  • “Mobile Access to E-books at Yale.” LITA National Forum, Salt Lake City, UT.

  • “Why LITA?” LITA New Members Orientation. LITA National Forum, Salt Lake City, UT.

  • “Best Practices for Beginners: Getting Published - From Inspiration to Publication." With K. Sobel. ACRL New Members Discussion Group. ALA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

  • “Making it Personal: Leadership Development Programs for LITA.” Poster. With Emerging Leader Team “T” (A. Fortin, A. Hornby, D. Overfield, H. Tomren). ALA Annual Conference, Chicago, IL. 

  • “Communicate, Contribute, Collaborate.” LITA Camp, Columbus, OH.


  • "Usage & Usability of E-Books at the Yale University Library." With H. Nakamura. (Presented by H. Nakamura at the Japanese Library Fair & Forum, Yokohama, Japan).