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photo: jake wyman

26 Feb. 2014 Posted by lisa

In Transit

Here, there, and everywhere. Revisions & update coming soon. Find me: @lisacarlucci

Internships at Design Think Do

Apply for an Internship at Design Think Do!
Design Think Do is now accepting internship applications for Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. Graduate students in Library and Information Science or related disciplines seeking credit toward degree requirements are encouraged to apply. Position will be based in New Haven, CT or remote location by arrangement. 
Interns will be involved in the research, marketing, writing, web management, and business activities of Design Think Do, a consulting and creative services firm supporting the innovative technology goals of libraries and library partners.  
About Design Think Do:
Founded by Lisa Carlucci Thomas in 2011, Design Think Do operates at the intersection of entrepreneurship and librarianship, bridging the tradition and values of libraries with the current, evolving information culture. Recent projects include program development, digital and live workshops, custom research and reports, social media marketing, and strategic service planning.
To apply: 
Email Lisa Carlucci Thomas (lisa at with a brief statement describing your interest in the position, your qualifications, and personal goals for the internship. Please include your resume, references, and details about the credit requirements of your institution.
  • Applications will be reviewed in the order received. Positions remain open until filled.
  • Fall 2013 internships will begin in late August 2013 or the first week of September 2013. 
  • Spring 2014 internships will begin in January 2014.
Questions? Contact Lisa (lisa at
30 Jul. 2013 Posted by lisa in programming, unconference, darien

Programming Unconference Northeast

The only thing more informative than a conference* is an UNCONFERENCE. Or as the esteemed Eric Stoller observed recently: "Giving an Unkeynote at an Unconference. Should be Unbelievable."

Indeed, I would expect an unconference unkeynote to be nothing less than extraordinary. And so, the bar is set high for my upcoming talk at the Programming Unconference Northeast, taking place September 27, 2013 at the Darien Library.

Organizer Erin Shea explains the origin of this event over on the Darien Library Tumblr:

Over sushi in Seattle, Janie Hermann (Princeton Public Library) and I were talking about how it would be cool to organize a little “unconference" for programming librarians to network, share ideas, and learn from one another. Then we got Andy [Woodworth] on board and he wouldn’t stop bugging me.

Hence, Programming Unconference Northeast was born!

The stats:

This unconference is completely free and lunch will be provided. You only need to pay for your travel.

Lisa Carlucci Thomas will deliver the keynote.

You can register here and if you’re feeling really sassy, start adding your break out session ideas to the Google Doc spreadsheet.

Please reblog and share with all your librarians who may be interested! We thought this would be a good professional development opportunity especially for those who do not attend the national conferences.

Go forth and reblog! See you in September.

* Conference crashing is also very informative.

26 Jun. 2013 Posted by lisa in ACRL, ny

Recap & Photos | ACRL NY Annual Symposium

A recap of my ACRL/NY presentation, Designing the Imperative: Transformative Culture (& The Power of Yes) is now available on the ACRL/NY website. Author Barbara Bonous-Smit provides a nice summary of the themes, topics, and examples I shared during my talk.

"Her main focus was on transformative culture and its role in nurturing entrepreneurship in academic libraries, and the challenges it presents.  She also focused part of her presentation on the “power of yes” in entrepreneurship and libraries and how it fuels creativity."

"Examples of transformative culture include the San Francisco Public Library; the Great Library Road Show; the ALA Think Tank; and librarian, Andrea Davis and her involvement with the South by Southwest Interactive movement."

“The outlandish idea,” states Carlucci Thomas, “might be the thing that changes the environment."

Read the full recap: 

ACRL/NY: Lisa Carlucci Thomas: Designing the Imperative: Transformative Culture (6/19/2013)

See the Symposium photos @ ACRL/NY Flickr

1 May. 2013 Posted by lisa

MCLS Annual Meeting: Save the Date!


Midwest Libraries: Save the Date! 

The 2013 MCLS Annual Meeting will take place on October 4th, 2013 in Indianapolis, IN. I'll be kicking off the event, addressing the program theme: "Open Spaces, Open Data, Open Access: Transforming Today's Libraries."

Speakers include:

  • Orvella Fields, Indianapolis Central Library

  • Steve Teeri, Detroit Public Libraries, HYPE Makerspace

  • CJ Lynce, Cleveland Public Libraries, TechCentral

  • David Lewis, Dean, IUPUI University Library, and Indiana University, Assistant Vice President for Digital Scholarly Communications

Looking forward to an exciting day of conversation and learning! 

More information: MCLS Annual Meeting


3 Apr. 2013 Posted by lisa

49th Library Week, Turkey

On March 29, 2013, I presented "Innovation & Librarians" at 49th Library Week, an annual conference organized by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism (General Directorate for Libraries and Publications) and the Turkish Librarians' Association, held at the National Library of Turkey in Ankara. Although a previous commitment prevented me from making the trip, I was glad to contribute my presentation via Skype from Connecticut, USA.

It was an honor to speak with Turkish library colleagues about recent creative and technology advancements in American libraries and to share my ideas about what's next on the horizon.

Thank you to Emre Hasan Akbayrak for inviting me to the program and for the photos of the session